Kris Early had long used her creative energies in the advertising world when she started crafting rings for fun. Eventually, she found herself taking classes and making everything from hand-sewn leather cuffs to mixed-metal necklaces stamped with words like "love" and "luck."

Now, Bella Beads Studio jewelry, which starts at just $24 and can be customized in practically any way, is delighting gift recipients around Central Ohio-and has even landed in Hollywood. (Early's goodies were included in swag bags at an Emmy Awards pre-party this year.) Early, 49, remains an ad agency creative director by day and lives in Grandview.

Her signature gold-filled, silver and nickel necklaces ($165) include a dozen or so charms personalized with names, dates, phrases or even photos. "I love being in the studio. The minute I'm there, I'm gone," Early said. "Everyone should have a passion like that."

Bella Beads Studio jewelry is available at Kussmaul Gallery in Granville or online at