Though much of Anne Fletcher's work at Pistacia Vera is in the bakery's business office, she knows most of the regulars and has even memorized their cookie orders. That's the beauty of owning a neighborhood business, she said. "I walk in the front door when I come to work," she noted. "It's so personal to us." The 36-year-old co-owns the desserts-only bakery in German Village with her brother, pastry chef Spencer Budros, whom she fully credits for the artistry behind their heavenly, handmade confections. But Fletcher, a former financial advisor and the bakery's manager, deserves equal credit for whipping up a successful business from scratch. Pistacia Vera opened in 2004 and has quickly become a posh destination for treats. The only offering equally as delightful might be Fletcher herself-a friendly wife and mother of two who is expecting her third child in February.

My greatest passion: Family
My biggest annoyance: Laundry
What makes me laugh hardest: My sons (Will, 7, and Grayson, 5)
I most admire: My dad. He has a passion for life that's contagious.
Things that I hope people say I am: Kind, honest and fun
Things that I hope people say I am not: Stuffy, judgmental and inflexible
My favorite place to be is: Sitting on the deck at Trout Lake (a summer vacation spot in Wisconsin) with my family
My ideal day includes: Sun, family, unplanned activity, blue jeans and maybe ice cream
The last thing that made me smile is: Coming in to work today
I fell fulfilled when: I can make time for my friends, because that's hard sometimes outside of my family and work

Dessert: Pistacia Vera caramel pecan macaron
Sound: The laughter of my kids-that total belly laugh
Holiday: Thanksgiving
City: Florence, Italy
Saying: From her dad: "There are three keys to happiness: Something to do. Someone to love. And something to look forward to."