Here are three therapy treatments that will put the sexy back in your hair

Hitting the color too hard? Muting your shine with a straightening iron? Continuing a tumultuous relationship with your curls? Whatever your coif conundrum,here are three therapy treatments that will put the sexy back in your hair.

Color You Fabulous

Diagnosis: Consistently colored locks
Treatment option: Color Glow Treatment
Specialists to see: J. Bentley Studio & Spa
Phone: 614-790-8828
Cost: $40
Chair time: 45 minutes to an hour
The scoop: You don't need to stop coloring your hair, but if doing so has made your hair matte or dry, this can help. It unleashes conditioning and sealing agents designed to protect color-treated hair from styling, UV rays and other environmental exposure. It applies a protective barrier around hair to increase color durability, said J. Bentley master artist Steve Napier. The result? A healthy shine and soft texture for up to six weeks.

Straighten & Shine

Diagnosis: Destructive upkeep
Treatment option: Keratin Complex Treatment
Specialist to see: Sookey Farkas at Salon Lofts in Grandview
Phone: 614-586-3335
Cost: $225 and up
Chair time: 2 to 3 hours; hair can't be washed for 72 hours
The scoop: Chlorine, heat styling tools, pollution-your hair has myriad elements attack it each day. This helps revive the hair those attackers have killed, guiding locks to "a near virgin state," Farkas said. The treatment takes out 50 to 60 percent of hair's curl, which attracts clients who are looking for straighter strands but wish to avoid permanent or chemical-ridden treatments like Japanese straightening systems or Brazilian blowouts.

Curl Master

Diagnosis: Frizz-flummoxed curls
Treatment option: Curly Hair Conditioning Treatment
Specialist to see: Liz Blythe at Salons at High and Hubbard
Phone: 614-306-9386
Cost: $20-$40 with another service
Chair time: 10 to 15 minutes
The scoop: "There are three reasons curly hair looks dry and frizzy," Blythe said. 1. Natural texture. 2. Wrong technique or product. 3. Overexposure to processes or products. The solution? This treatment. It blends Moroccan and jojoba oils into a restorative hair mask. The protein and oil in the mix give hair a little more weight, which helps gel or other styling products sit on the hair better and hold defined curls longer.

Photos by: Will Shilling