Find wearable art at the Columbus Arts Festival

Stroll along the Downtown riverfront during the Columbus Arts Festival, and you'll find tasty eats, live music and unique art-including that of the wearable variety. Among this year's artists will be Arkansas jewelry designer Ronald Linton, who owns Lx3 Design with his wife, Leigh. "The body of work that I'll be showing in Columbus is what I came up with after working with a new kind of metal called shibuichi," Linton says. "It's a Japanese alloy and has properties, tones, colors and strengths like no other."

Using shibuichi, Linton makes cuffs, pendants, rings and more with stones and 18-karat gold, priced from $65 to $2,200. "We've used this to create something unique," Linton says. "As people walk by and see our designs, they stop right away because they've never seen it before."

Discover pieces from Lx3 Design at the Columbus Arts Festival June 7-9. Admission is free. Learn more at

The Lunar Cuff, $1,850, is made by jewelry designer Ronald Linton, who will peddle his wears at the Arts Fest