J.Bentley Studio & Spa's Tyra Harris shares her tips and tricks

Tyra Harris worked in marketing for several companies, including The Limited, before embarking on her second career: hairstylist. Four years ago, the 40-year-old left corporate America and joined J.Bentley Studio & Spa in Powell, where she is a managing director.

Favorite tools of the trade
A flatiron, because it makes your hair look great, smooth and finished. I love straight hair, and they call me the queen of smooth. I also like Keratin smoothing treatments. They transform hair into what people really want. It's the best-kept secret. And lastly, bobby pins. They will take a bad hair day and make it fantastic.

Beauty splurge
Hair extensions. They really change your look and make you feel confident, giving you the hair every day that you want to have. You can have the color and the length. It's the best thing to spend your money on.

My five-minute makeup routine
Foundation from MAC. I can't live without it. It starts to sink into your skin tone and evens you out. I use MAC eyeliner-the cream that you put on with a brush. If you do foundation and eyes, then line the lips and add lip gloss, I say you're good to go.

My go-to hairstyle
Two ponytails that look like Pocahontas ponytails. I can dress it up and down, or add curls, and all they really are is two little braids.

What I love about my job
I feel like I am doing something different every day and meeting new people. And the camaraderie with co-workers. I love the ability to move up in my career and apply what I've done before when I worked in marketing to this job. I like to promote the brand and push it forward.

Perfect night out in Columbus
Going Downtown and hitting every martini specialist known to man. I love Eleven or MoJoe Lounge, where you can sit and talk to friends and laugh. I love the lounge feel with good music in the background. And the ability to walk everywhere is key.

My style icon
I wish I could embody Jackie O. She is so classic and pure, yet fashion-forward. She didn't look like your grandma. I love when you can look so put together without trying.

Fave way to spoil myself
Sitting on the couch watching movies that make you cry and eating ice cream out of the pint. That's my best night ever, just vegging out.