The German Village Society's Haus und Garten Tour

The German Village Society is celebrating 2013 by highlighting 13 spaces during this year's Haus und Garten Tour. Among them? This gem, which belongs to Christian Coffin, general manager of the Hilton Columbus Downtown. Originally built in 1920, Coffin has enhanced the interior aesthetic with the help of John Wilson of CRI Interiors. "You'll get a hotel vibe with special and luxury finishes," Wilson says. "We wanted to recreate a historical home with contemporary touches and conveniences."

German Village Society Director Shiloh Todorov is excited about the enhanced features for the 54th tour, including the option of visiting each stop in a chauffeured golf cart for $500. "This is a superior tour," Todorov says. "This is why people come. They see the bricks and 1870s structure, and there's this utterly 2013 space inside."

The 2013 German Village Haus und Garten tour is Sunday, June 30, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tickets cost $20 in advance and $25 the day of the tour. Learn more at