We wanted to give you fabulous style-but a whole bunch of substance, too

We all wonder it, I think, at some point-whether we are exactly where we are supposed to be in the world, doing precisely what we were meant to be doing.

Vicki Bowen Hewes did. And she wasn't.

So she ditched Corporate America, along with the high salary that went with it, and opened Dress for Success Columbus.

In six years, she's helped nearly 5,000 local women create resumes, suit up for interviews and change their lives. Her affiliate is among the five best around the globe.

You can read Vicki's story in this issue, but I hope you'll do more than that: I hope you'll help.

Dress for Success is constantly seeking clean, professional business attire, from suits to scrubs, to help women in need. It also accepts gently used shoes, handbags and jewelry, along with unused cosmetics.

I urge you to clean out your own closet. Or, if you want to go further, organize a drive. It doesn't have to be complicated: Ask your coworkers to bring items to your desk next week. Have your book club members each bring a bag to your September meeting. Host happy hour at your house for neighbors who will stop by with a jacket. You can even simplify it by asking for jewelry only.

Then drop off the swag at the Dress for Success office on a Friday; just pull around to the back door and ring the bell.

Or, until Oct. 8, take items to The Limited stores at Easton, Polaris or Tuttle. (To celebrate their 50th birthday this fall, they're giving back. And there's a $20 coupon inside these pages that you can spend when you take your giveaways there.)

As we put together this fashion-packed issue, we wanted to give you fabulous style-but a whole bunch of substance, too.

Thank you, Vicki Bowen Hewes-and Angela Meleca, and Les Wexner, and others who also live in these pages-for personifying that.

Now, grab a bag, walk to your closet, and change someone's world.

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