Garber is living the feng shui principles around which she has built her life

Diana Garber is the kind of person who tidies up bathrooms. Not just in her Sunbury home, but also in restaurants and office buildings. The reason? Simple: Garber is living the feng shui principles around which she has built her life and career.

"Leave a place better than you found it," Garber, 61, says. "People have asked me if I work someplace when they see me tidying up a restroom, but it's just part of making a difference in your world."

Feng shui (pronounced "fuhng shway") is an ancient system of environmental analysis and management, developed more than 3,000 years ago in China. Literally translated, it means "wind water," and its practitioners aim to balance outdoor and indoor elements to create harmony, peace and prosperity.

Garber, originally a banking executive, began learning about feng shui more than 30 years ago. Her mother lives in Australia, and there, close to its Asian roots, feng shui is well known. Having survived major surgeries and miscarriages, Garber yearned for balance.

By 1998, she had started Intuitive Concepts, a feng-shui consulting business.

"Most people think of it in terms of interior decorating, but it really starts outside, with the energy of the land, and then it looks at the internal space," Garber says.

Also, she added, it is not associated with a religion. "It comes from a physics and mathematics approach," she says.

Garber works with individuals, often referred by physicians. But she is becoming even better known for her work within the business world. One current project, is a redesign of the Tansky Sawmill Toyota facility: Among many changes, the entry drive was relocated, an indoor fountain installed and, says Garber, "the customer-care area now has a drop ceiling so it feels like a living room. Customers feel safe and secure, as they should when making such an important purchase."

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Garber shares her thoughts

Manage your environment because consciously or unconsciously, it manages you. This has been demonstrated with the people I've helped into remission. Think of things in regard to input/output. Input = who we surround ourselves with. Output = every deed, action and word influences the world. The southwest of your yard, house and office represents the head female.Treat that space like the Queen should be treated. Happiness is a journey.No one is in charge of your happiness but you. Think about making this list go to No. 6Six is a more positive number. Make a difference.That's what drives most people.