Meet Donna Wyland, a writer and certified life coach from Powell

Capital Style is teaming with several local style experts to transform one deserving woman in each issue this year. Meet Donna Wyland, a mother and grandmother who is looking to re-enter the work force and wants to look polished and professional.

Meet Donna Wyland

Age: 53
Neighborhood: Powell
Job: Writer, certified life coach
Family: Daughter Lauren (24) and grandson Bentley (3)

Her story

Donna wears many hats: She's working through edits on her first novel and was certified in August as a life coach, and you'll also find her dropping off her grandson at preschool. Recently separated, she's searching for full-time jobs and wants a professional look as she heads to interviews. A few simple wardrobe and beauty upgrades left Donna feeling great and ready to tackle the work force. "I didn't realize how much I needed this," she says. "I feel really attractive, confident and vibrant."

Hair at J.Bentley

Managing Director Joy Chevalier kept the length of Donna's hair, but toned down the base color to add depth to the style.

Skin Treatments at Sullivan Centre

To achieve healthier and smoother skin, Skin Care Specialist Dina Maynard performed two skin peels on Donna. The Ultra Peel 1 and Ultra Peel Forte left her face bright and fresh.

Makeup at Mukha

Since Donna has smaller eyes, Tim Maurer, owner of Mukha Cosmetics and Medi-Spa, avoided using dark colors. He instead practiced rimming, or gently gliding a pencil on the inner rim of the eye.

Clothing from Boho 72

Owner Jamie Mollwitz wanted to outfit Donna in something that was a little out of her comfort zone, but still kept a professional feel and could be worn different ways. Donna settled on a navy skirt ($36) and cami ($15) with a poncho ($52) that can be worn alone or with a belt.

Accessories from Audacious Boutique

The orange tote ($58) is versatile-Donna can put in a portfolio and take it to work, or use it as an everyday purse. She added a necklace ($45) and earrings ($15) to complete the look.

Spa Treatments at Woodhouse Day Spa

Donna spent a relaxing afternoon enjoying the Seasonal Bath Cure body treatment and had her feet treated to Woodhouse's Signature Pedicure.