The driving force behind Jones Select

When Gary Jones slid on a suit in high school, people noticed him-and he noticed their reaction. "I started to realize really quickly," he says, "that people sum you up by how you dress." So after graduation, he began apprenticing with a Los Angeles tailor. Now 33, Jones runs his own custom men's clothier in Columbus. Jones Select is four years old-not coincidentally the same age as Jones' son, Gary. Outside of his desire to be innovative, Jones says, his boy is the reason for the company's birth-and the driving force behind its success. "I wanted to have something," Jones says, "to pass down to him."

What is your mission?

The mission is to brand individuals-get them ready for their weddings or their job interviews, for their everyday work attire, for their special events.

Price range of your custom suits?

For my entry-level suit, you're looking at $700. My highest-end suit is probably going to be about $2,200. Most of my clients spend around $1,000.

Clients we would know?

Ray Edwards-he played for the [Minnesota] Vikings. Clark Kellogg [former Ohio State basketball star who played for the Indiana Pacers and is now a broadcaster]. Scoonie Penn [former Ohio State basketball star].

Hobbies outside of fashion?

I play basketball a couple days a week. I salsa. I go to La Fogata on occasion, probably once or twice a month. I have a son, so I spend a lot of time with him.

Does little Gary love style, too?

He has to, right? I dress him. When he dresses up for church or something, he says he has "daddy's shoes" on. That's his thing-"I'm dressed like dad."