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Vernacular isn't Cabot and Konieczko's first foray into the Columbus shop scene. In 2010, the couple opened Objects for the Home, a home décor shop that started in Clintonville and moved to Grandview a year later. (Talk about an easy commute-Cabot, 25, and Konieczko, 28, live right above the store.)

The intrigue of the German Village clientele and aesthetic prompted the recently engaged pair to create Vernacular, a sister shop that opened at the end of September. You'll find kitchenware, candles, pet accessories and several clothing lines. "It's aimed at the casual, friendly shopper," Cabot says. "You may come for a hostess gift, and walk out with a dress to wear to the party."

177 E. Beck St., German Village;

How do you describe the shop's vibe?

Cabot: Every piece here is special. We don't want to carry trinkets and tchotchkes. I'm excited about every piece we have.

What other locally-owned stores do you admire?

Cabot: We love Kittie's Cakes. They're so right on. The girls there are really passionate about what they do, and so are we. We connect with people who have that same sentiment.

What do you do when you're not here?

Konieczko: We'll be at the apartment looking at catalogs and crunching numbers.

Cabot: We'll do potluck dinners with our friends. It's fun.

Single favorite item to eat in the city?

Cabot: The pulled pork sliders at Mohawk. It's an appetizer, but don't be afraid you'll go hungry. It's outrageous.

Konieczko: The Thai roll at Shoku. I think about it at random times on different days.

Best place to enjoy a drink?

Cabot: Seventh Son Brewing. I love the set-up outside. And Lindey's patio is great.

Konieczko: Wherever we go to eat, we have the certain beer or wine we like there.

Ultimate Saturday in Columbus?

Konieczko: I would go to breakfast at Pistacia Vera, then go to the Franklin Park Conservatory and Lindey's for brunch or lunch. I would go to North Bank Park and sit on the steps and look back at the city. Then we'd have dinner at home, outside.

Cabot: I'd be right next to him. We are better at everything we do together.

Best business tip you can offer?

Konieczko: You have to look at everything from a shopper's eye. You have to be proud of what you're offering.

Cabot: Be willing to work your butt off.

If you had a personal mission statement, what would it be?

Cabot: We say it to each other all the time: Try harder, do better.

Konieczko: If one of us is complaining, we say that. It's like, suck it up and keep going.