The owner of Skin Perfect on the power of color and her favorite beauty buys

Jaclyn Peresetsky has always been fascinated with color. So after the Columbus College of Art & Design grad spent time working with plastic surgeons, she decided to combine science and art to create image wellness clinic Skin Perfect. Peresetsky, 34, wears many hats, including CEO, wife and mom.

And a year ago, she added author to that list, releasing a book called Discover the Power of YOUR Colors. "It helps people realize how colors play such a powerful role in our lives," Peresetsky says.

On the power of color

It influences everything: mood, behavior, emotion. How do you want to feel? That plays into the colors you choose.

On using color at home

Have a room that's completely neutral and soft. Choose a color and start to purchase pops of color, using it sparingly to introduce it in. What color should you choose? Decide what the color represents.

On integrating color into wardrobe

Start with scarves, gloves and hats. It's a great way to introduce colors. And use jewelry. If you're wearing a little black dress, wear turquoise earrings and pull your hair back. When people use color strategically, that's impressive.

What is your color and why?

As a child, my color was purple because it represents creativity, mystery and magic. Now my favorite color is orange. It's social; it gets attention. It's my power color.

Best drugstore find

Walgreens eye cream. It comes in a pot, and it's hydrating and softens fine lines. I was traveling when I bought it, and I still use it to this day. It's universal. I also like Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner. It's amazing, and it stays on no matter what.

Beauty splurge

Lancome mascara. I buy the Cils Booster and the Exstencils mascara. The combination makes my eyes look awake. And their eye makeup remover. Those are my little splurges I get every month.

What I love about my job

The connection with the clients. I love people and making them look and feel better about themselves.

Perfect night out in Columbus

Taking the kids to the Easton movie theater, so we can see a movie and eat. After, we drop them off with my mom, and my husband and I go out for drinks with our friends at Lemongrass. Then dancing if we're not ready to go to bed.

My style icon

Jennifer Lopez. I think she rocks it. She rocks her curves, and she's a hip mom. She knows moms want to look cute, and she looks amazing. She doesn't mask her shape, and that is hot.