Happy 5th Capital Style!

I have a secret: This is not a fashion magazine.

We feature fashion, of course. And it's something I enjoy. (My husband might or might not call that an understatement.)

But Capital Style goes far beyond chic dresses and killer heels. It's not a fashion magazine, you see, it's a lifestyle magazine-one that features successful women, intriguing issues, philanthropic efforts and expert advice along with the trendy looks, stunning homes and shopping finds.

And it's one we hope inspires.

To that end, this issue marks our fifth birthday, and to celebrate, we've made a more deliberate effort than ever before to pack it with all sorts of inspiration for living your best life.

In "Roadmap to Happy," which I had a ball putting together, we asked experts around the city for their best tips on living well. (Narrowing them to 101 was actually no small feat. I've read the story now a dozen or so times, and am still enlightened by something different each go-round.)

In "The Gurus," six local fitness pros offer advice on embracing a healthy lifestyle, from workout ideas to snacks that fuel. (Theo=the man.)

In "Make a Difference in a Day," you'll learn that giving back doesn't require over-committing yourself.

In "Perfect 10," we offer an easy guide to the 10 staples every woman should have in her closet, plus ideas on styling them.

In "Power Up," cooking maestro Robin Davis offers healthy recipes (nutritional info included!) for a breakfast, a lunch, a dinner, a smoothie and a power bar. (These power bars, by the way, are ahh-mazing. I accidentally sampled four.)

And on our final page, we wanted to give you something we hope you'll tear out and hang up. (Kudos to our talented designer, by the way, who beautifully hand-inked the quote on that page in calligraphy.)

This magazine, ladies and gents, is for you. We want to celebrate the city we love, to introduce you to its amazing people, to give you ideas on what to do and where to go and how to give. We want to inspire your look and inspire your home. But mostly, we want to inspire your life.

Five years in, we hope we're doing that. And we'll keep working to do it better.

Thanks for taking the journey with us.