The 28-year-old wants to make your body-and your soul-healthier

It's hard to pin Maggie Fekete down to just one label. Her approach to life-and her career-encompass far more than just guiding her clients' nutritional choices. It might be more accurate to say the 28-year-old is a nutritionist for the body and soul.

Fekete, a Michigan native who grew up in Worthington, went to the University of Cincinnati to study nursing. "But all my favorite classes were the nutrition ones," she explains. After earning a degree in dietetics, she began a journey that took her to a North Carolina community hospital, then a large Florida hospital. Along the way, she picked up training and certification in health coaching, yoga teaching and pediatric weight management. In 2012, she decided to return to Ohio and open her own practice.

What brings most people to her?

"The majority of people want to feel more comfortable in their own skin," Fekete says.

So, to that end, she likes being able to offer a holistic approach to health. It may involve designing menus for clients, going food shopping with them, cooking meals and teaching cooking skills. But it also includes finding healthful activities that will last. Her website,, explains the full range.

And she practices what she preaches.

"I eat well. I practice yoga every day. I love hiking," she says, noting that her favorite local trails are in Highbanks and Inniswood Metro Parks. "And my spirituality is very important to me."

Fekete says people want to feel happier.

"They want to like who they see in the mirror," she says.

And her passion is to help make that happen.

Living Better: 5 things to know

Fekete shares her thoughts

With the right attitude and support system, you can accomplish any goal. With the right recipe, the healthiest foods can taste the most delicious. Our local farmers' markets provide the freshest foods full of nutrition and flavor. A daily dose of physical activity is a foundational pillar of your overall well-being. My favorites are yoga, hiking, walking, biking and, most recently, tai chi. Establish a daily meditation practice. Research suggests meditation helps many conditions and disorders.