Kat Sasfy, a senior director at MAX the Salon, on her beauty splurge and five-minute makeup routine

Kat Sasfy's love of hair came at a young age: In fifth grade, Sasfy walked to a friend's house every morning to style the girl's locks before heading to school. Now 39, Sasfy has worked for The Charles Penzone Salons for 18 years and is a senior director at MAX the Salon in German Village. "Sometimes I feel like a doctor, making people feel good," Sasfy says. "It's cool to be creative."

Favorite tools of the trade
My ability to create change-my strong suit is cutting [hair]. My hands are the best tool ever, along with my brain. A lot of my clients have been with me forever, so they trust me. And education is always a tool. We have so much throughout the year with the company.

Best drugstore find
The only thing I use from the drugstore are my Ardell 121 lashes. I love my fake eyelashes for the weekend-they're awesome.

Beauty splurge
My services with Jade [Piatt, of MAX the Salon, Short North]. She does my facials and takes care of my skin. Being a hairdresser, products are accessible. To be able to get a good facial or those treatments, that's great.

My five-minute makeup routine
Tinted moisturizer. Bronzer. Gloss. Done.

My go-to hairstyle
Short. I've tried to grow my hair out over the years, but I always gravitate toward people like Rihanna or Pink-that really edgy look. I tend to like those shapes.

What I love about my job
Our ability to change, create and transform people. A new haircut can be the best medicine. I love working with people. I love seeing my clients when they come in. I like to be able to try new trends and styles on people.

Perfect night out in Columbus
One of my favorite dance parties in the city is O-GEE. It's an old-school hip-hop dance party that's once a month. It changes places every time. It's not something you do every weekend.

My style icon
Vidal Sassoon. He changed my life. I went to his academy in Miami, Fla. It opened a doorway in my brain I never knew I had; it expanded my creativity. He changed the industry forever. As a person, he was in touch with so many elements beyond hair. He was such an amazing human being and humanitarian. He's the Michael Jordan of hair, and he changed the game forever. I still use his techniques in the salon.

Fave way to spoil myself
Travel. I just hiked Machu Picchu in June. I like to travel and experience new things I've never done before and try new foods I've never tasted.