At Chelsea Borough Home, you'll find a mix of new and vintage home accents and gifts

When Christena Wentz studied in London during college, she lived in the neighborhood-or borough, as they're called there-of Chelsea. So, when determining a name for the home décor store she opened with her mother, Tena, 59, in 2014, Christena drew inspiration from her time abroad. Chelsea Borough Home, tucked in a historic house in Dublin, stocks candles, lamps, artwork (including pieces from several local artists) and more, with a price range of $20 to $50 for most items. "We want the local feel and the home feel," says Christena, 29. "We want people who are walking through the neighborhood to come in. We're very proud of the mix of vintage and local artists."

How do you describe the shop's vibe?

Christena: We want it to feel familiar and like home.

What's your favorite item that you own or use?

Tena: Picture frames and candles. I did purchase a piece of work from [local artist] Anthony Gelpi as well.

What other local stores do you admire?

Christena: Elm & Iron. Objects for the Home. And The Collection. My mom has been a longtime shopper at The Collection in Powell.

What are you doing when you're not here?

Christena: Going out to restaurants. We like smaller shops or dive bars … unknown restaurants.

Tena: I'm keeping up with friends. And, I golf.Christena: We're big sports people, so going to sporting events. I go to every Crew game I can.

Favorite item to eat in the city?

Tena: I crave calamari. Oscar's has great calamari.

Christena: Cap City's Maytag Blue Cheese Chips. And the meatloaf is great. I love everything Cameron Mitchell. The Surf & Turf Sushi Roll at Hudson 29 is to-die-for.

Tena: We're partial to Windchimes' Pad Thai. Sometimes that's Saturday's lunch.

Ultimate Saturday in Columbus?

Tena: I'd do a loop of Grandview to the Short North, and finish up with a stop at Easton.

Christena: I would go to a farmers market or a local art fair, and eat my way through the day. Then go to a Crew game at night.

Best business tip you can offer?

Tena: Be prepared for the unexpected. And have a tape measure. We've been surprised by some of the boxes we've opened. We'll get the tape measure out as we're ordering.

What is your personal mission statement?

Christena: You have to not let fear get the best of you. You have to really be willing to try if you want to get to your dreams and be successful.