NEW YORK (AP) - Michael Kors solved a few dozen fashion emergencies Wednesday.

NEW YORK (AP) Michael Kors solved a few dozen fashion emergencies Wednesday.

His fall collection was on the drawing board in late October when Superstorm Sandy hit, putting Kors in "chic survival mode." So on Wednesday, Day 7 of New York Fashion Week, out came models in modern camouflage, safety orange and rubberized leather.

Kors said in a backstage interview he aimed for styles with "endurance, speed and strength, but I love elegance and glamour, and I don't want to give it up."

Before a full house that included Michael Douglas, Hilary Swank, Jada Pinkett Smith and Zoe Saldana, Kors sent out a soft royal-blue cashgora (cashmere and angora) jacket that had a placket made of black leather front and center. He paired it with a matching zipper skirt.

A black rubberized shaker-knit sweatshirt was worn with taxicab yellow track pants that had tuxedo stripes made of more black leather.

For those who need to make it to the office during a storm literal or figurative there was a gabardine-leather toggle coat and rubberized pullover sweater for men to wear with black cotton trousers.

For women, there was a quilted leather skirt suit. She might need one of the stiletto pumps with the fluorescent strap across the foot, almost like duct tape.

And no one would lose track of the fluorescent stadium coats trimmed in black leather, or the royal-and-black camo mink coat in snow, rain or wind.

There were plenty of cozier ribbed sweaters to choose from when the designer's brave muses make it home.

Should they have to go out on the town because they have cabin fever: Kors had a black metallic dinner jacket and trousers for men and a black crystal-covered mini sheath with a black peplum train for women.

During Sandy, downtown moved uptown for any signs of nightlife, while it had been the reverse for years. Kors liked the yin-yang he saw when edgy met refined.

"Bright lights, fast city ... urban athleticism meets uptown polish," he further explained in his notes. In that spirit, the former regular judge on "Project Runway" changed his show-day uniform from jeans to cargo pants.

Is Kors himself athletic?

"I am the worst athlete," he said, laughing, "but I have incredible endurance and strength, but no coordination."


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