c.2013 New York Times News Service

c.2013 New York Times News Service

Next week, actress Kate Hudson is taking a natural step in the evolution of a celebrity spokesmodel, going from appearing in ads for Ann Taylor to designing a collection for Ann Taylor. The first Kate Hudson for Ann Taylor collection, including white dresses, white tank tops and white skirts for summer, is described by the company as inspired by her "red carpet glamour and her love of fashion." (Most of the clothes in the collection are priced less than $128.)

Hudson, in a phone interview, was quick to point out that the collection was really designed by Lisa Axelson, the creative director of Ann Taylor, but she enjoyed having input.

WHAT, VERSACE WASN'T AVAILABLE? I always thought I'd do my own thing, really. But first off, I like what Ann Taylor stands for. If I'm going to get behind something, I want it to stand for more than clothes. I fell in love with Kay (Kay Krill is the chief executive of Ann Taylor) and the amount of work she puts in supporting women. Now I AM a high fashion girl, and I love wearing those clothes, but in terms of having a partner, I loved that Ann Taylor was more available and affordable.

BEWARE GRASS STAINS: This collection is not only very white, it is only white. As long as I can get away with wearing white, I'm going to wear it. The spiritual part of me says white is a very reflective, protective color to wear, because it is, of course, all colors.

TRANSLATING A PERSONAL STYLE: It has my flirtiness, and these are the kinds of clothes I like to wear. The first time Lisa showed me a design board, it was white and rose gold, which is basically what I live in. I am a California girl, so wearing dresses is embedded in the fabric of my life. I just put on flip-flops or boots, depending if it is the high 70s or low 70s.

CAREER DRESSING ADVICE: I can't speak for every woman, and it depends on the job. But as long as it is appropriate, expressing yourself in the workplace is so much fun. As women, we get to do that.