Celebrity reactions to the 71st annual Golden Globe nominations, announced Thursday in Beverly Hills, Calif. The awards will be given Jan. 12.

Celebrity reactions to the 71st annual Golden Globe nominations, announced Thursday in Beverly Hills, Calif. The awards will be given Jan. 12.

"There is not a molecule in my body that isn't humbly grateful. From the second we made 'The Fighter,' it's been a journey that began from a low point for me to a new period that I feel my life was leading up to, which is these films that are now being made. To receive those actors and the privilege of working with them and to have them work on multiple films is very exciting for me. If it's exciting for audiences, then that's wonderful." David O. Russell, nominated as best film director and screenwriter for "American Hustle." The movie was nominated for best picture, musical or comedy.

"I haven't called anyone. I'm too overwhelmed! I've done a dance of joy in my hotel room. All of these nominations hopefully mean that more people will go and see it, and that is really exciting because I feel this film is pivotal and just so good for the world." Lupita Nyong'o, nominated for best-supporting actress in a film for "12 Years a Slave." She listened to the announcement over the radio in Paris.

"I'm thrilled and so grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press. One question: Does this mean I need two dresses?" Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who received two nominations for her roles in the TV series "Veep" and the movie "Enough Said."

"I feel great. I think it's wonderful that a little film like this has an opportunity, has a light shone in its direction." Jared Leto, nominated for best-supporting actor in the film "Dallas Buyers Club."

"Joel and Ethan (Coen) have completely changed my life. There's a reason why (this) happens to so many actors who are involved in their movies because they create a stage for people to do their absolute best work. Not only the actors themselves, but everyone involved" Oscar Isaac, nominated for best actor in a musical or comedy film for "Inside Llewyn Davis."

"When the phone rang this morning, I silenced it and I thought, 'Ugh, who do I owe money to?'" Greta Gerwig, nominated for best actress in a musical or comedy film for "Frances Ha."

"This was a one-of-a-kind shooting for all us. You don't read scripts written that honest. We all had a good time. It was so relaxed. We really knew this was something special. I have done things onstage that have brought attention to my work, but this is as exciting as could be" June Squibb, nominated for best-supporting actress in a film for "Nebraska."

"To get a film out there which is received the way it is, is really exceptional. This on top of that is an extraordinary addition to that. I think I'm just excited about that really, and not thinking about too much else." Chiwetel Ejiofor, nominated for best actor in a drama for "12 Years a Slave," on whether he's thinking about bigger nominations.

"I think I shall go and probably have a piece of chocolate cake with my daughter, who's just coming home from school. She's just 5 years old and came home the other day talking about Nelson Mandela. She just learned about him, so I'm really proud to go and celebrate with her on this day." Composer Alex Heffes, nominated for best original score of his work on "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom."

"We're having a celebratory cup of coffee because we know how to live!" Emma Thompson, nominated for best actress in a drama for "Saving Mr. Banks."

"The Globes are pretty lively because everyone is sitting at tables and having a fairly convivial time of it. Actually, the whole thing is a really jolly evening. I wouldn't change anything because I think these kinds of award evenings, America does better than anyone. They're just so much jollier they are back at home." Julian Fellowes, "Downton Abbey" creator, writer and producer, on the awards-show season. The series was nominated for best TV drama.

"I can't wait to fly to Barcelona to see my mom for Christmas and to sit there with her, my girlfriend and my family under the Christmas tree, and analyze this year that's been a roller coaster for me." Daniel Bruhl, nominated for best-supporting actor for his role in "Rush."

"We're excited. I texted Kristen Lopez, who was nominated for best song, and said, 'Does anyone want to go to the Globes for any reason?' I'm excited for all of us gals at Disney!" Jennifer Lee, Walt Disney Animation Studios' first female director, on girl power at the studio. "Frozen" was nominated as best animated film.


Associated Press Writers Anthony McCartney and Jessica Herndon contributed to this report.