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If you're into obsessively reading Mad Men recaps and conspiracy theories online after the show, definitely don't neglect the fashion blogs. The Internet is rife with sartorial gabbers who break down every single scene, juxtaposing the costumes, makeup, hair and color schemes with the show's plot lines and larger themes. Some bloggers also have interviews with Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant, and others tell you where to find pieces or re-create looks.

We've plucked excerpts from a few favorite blogs. Have fun. And next time you see Megan Draper in that famous Sharon Tate red star shirt, be sure to ponder how it might mirror Peggy accidentally stabbing her boyfriend. Creepy, right?

Blog: Tom and Lorenzo's Mad Style

Show: Season 6, Episode 10, A Tale of Two Cities

Excerpt: "Peggy and Joan's outfits go with each other the way you'd pair a dress and a handbag, say. They don't match, exactly, but Peggy's definitely drawing the yellows out of Joan's dress and somewhat mimicking the bow at the sleeve with the scarf around her neck. But on the flip side, these costumes exist to illustrate the differences in each character. Joan is an explosion of femininity and female form; all curves and flowers. Peggy is slightly more business-like, and much less frivolous; more straight up and down, with less fussiness. Her dress almost looks masculine in comparison to Joan's; the pleats and short sleeves contrasting with the flounces and bows on Joan's dress. This entire story is about two women seeking power using different tools and how that puts a wall up between them."

Blog: AMC's Mad Men Fashion File

Show: Season 6, Episode 4, To Have and to Hold

Excerpt: "I love the pops of pink in this episode, too. Katie's bubblegum dress made her look like Sorority Sweetheart Barbie, Megan's coral jacquard dress at dinner was so pretty and fresh, and Dawn's ruffled pink blouse was sweetly out of place sandwiched between her matronly gray blazer and her Peggy Olson-esque plaid skirt. In each case, pink signals a kind of persistent innocence, and with Dawn it's almost as if she's exposing herself as a big softy, even kitted out in her serious office gear."

Blog: Fashionista

Show: Season 6, Episode 3, Collaborators

Excerpt: "Don is looking less polished than ever. In the past he's had a pretty strict wardrobe of dark hued suits with very modest dark ties, but in this episode he wears three different suit colors — blue, light grey, and black — and some really hideous ties. Mustard yellow?! This is a bad sign, people."