Special to The Washington Post.

Special to The Washington Post.

The entertainment business is brutal. So who can blame an actress for employing a stylist for every big event? I get it: I experienced red-carpet hoopla and the accompanying anxiety while at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival for the premiere of "Fair Game."I borrowed a stunning dress from Giorgio Armani but went sans stylist. My fashion lifeline: Spanx.

Here's a radical proposal: Ban the celebrity stylists, even for one high-profile event, and let's see how the stars dress themselves, without professional help. Let them stand in front of their closets like the rest of us and figure out which shoes go best with which dress. And no borrowing of designer clothes or expensive jewels, which often come with their own bodyguard. Not for the people wearing them for the jewels.

We treat celebrities as our royalty. If they had to dress themselves, maybe we would see them a bit more as the human beings they really are. After all, it is the displays of sheer individuality on the red carpet that we recall most vividly. Think Cher in a feather-and-sequin headdress at the 1986 Oscars, Bjork with a swan around her neck in 2001 or Helena Bonham Carter in pretty much anything. No boring sweetheart necklines for these ladies.

A world without stylists might not be as tasteful, but it would definitely be more fun and realistic.

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Plame Wilson is the author of "Blowback" and "Fair Game: How a Top CIA Agent Was Betrayed by Her Own Government."