By Kameel Stanley

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When I got a pair of shoes, the girl at the counter remarked how she, too, had been on the hunt for a good pair of nude pumps.

I smiled.


The shoes, while I adore them , are not "nude" — at least not on me.

This is not new to me or any other woman of color who has — pretty much forever — known that when the latest "nude" or "neutral" trend comes along, it's never 100 percent for us. What most of my friends call nude, whether it's shoes or clothes or underthings, I call "peach." Or "light pink." Or "beige."

If I want something that's, well, my actual skin tone, I normally would pore over whatever brown items are in stock. It's usually never a perfect match, and if it's that important, I settle for black.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to learn that may soon change. Recently I excitedly signed up for updates from Nubian Skin, a U.K.-based startup that says it's going to offer lingerie and hosiery for brown girls in shades like "cinnamon" and "berry."

This is a big deal.

Nubian Skin's anonymous creator (I don't get that part either) put it this way in the "About Us" section of the website at

"A nude bra, skin-tone tights/pantyhose — basics of every woman's wardrobe. … But my nude isn't the nude I see in shops. Despite the reality that women of color have the same needs as all women when it comes to lingerie and hosiery (and spend the same of their hard-earned money), the industry simply doesn't cater to us."


Already, I'm encouraged by a few things:

1. The company plans to ship globally.

2. On the site, under descriptions of the shades, the company also has listed tips about matching the color of your item according to whatever foundation you use. So helpful! (Especially since no one likes to wait for online shipping, then have to return it. )

3. Demand is likely going to be high, and the company seems open to future expansion. Starting out, it will carry bra sizes 30B-36DD/E but is looking into what it would take to offer plus sizes, the website says.

4. They didn't forget about the legs. As it says in the description, Nubian Skin is about lingerie AND hosiery. Come fall, it would be cool to have some skin-tone tights.

5. Really, there's no reason any woman couldn't wear these. This needs to be said. While this is certainly a great thing for us brown girls, no one need be left out. Case in point: Earlier today, when I was gushing to Times Deal Diva Stephanie Hayes, who is white, she scoped out the website and decided she'd like one too.

Nubian Skin's e-commerce site is schedule to go live in two weeks.

In the meantime, allow us to freak out (the rest of the Internet already has) and bask in just how cool this really is.