MILAN (AP) - Street wear was trumping more formal looks during menswear previews for next spring and summer on the third day of Milan Fashion Week on Monday.

MILAN (AP) Street wear was trumping more formal looks during menswear previews for next spring and summer on the third day of Milan Fashion Week on Monday.

Many of the collections offered statement basics on which to build a wardrobe, including military, mariner and athletic that can be mixed and matched to create a personalized look. Few were the well-defined suits. And where there was office and evening wear, the fit was relaxed, befitting the season.

Some highlights from Monday's shows:


It's a nerd's world at Alessandro Michele's Gucci.

Michele continues his eccentric fashion journey for next summer's menswear with floral suits, military detailing, nautical accents and pretty knits. This round, he has invited an old friend for a series of cameos: Donald Duck.

And just like in his Disney cartoon days, Donald Duck shows off his versatility, in sequins on the back of a washed leather bomber and printed incognito in an Asian pattern of a silk lacquered print.

The showroom was bathed in green and fitted with velvety verdant upholstery, with mist appearing from nowhere to create the sense of anywhere, or just plain here. Driving the collection is the notion of a journey, and Michele evoked the need for "open-mindedness and possibility" in his show notes.

The snakes of recent seasons have morphed into dragons, appearing on the back of leather jackets and printed on silk pajamas. The detailing was all a bit larger-than-life with big strap-on epaulets over embroidered coats and studded fringe on an embellished leather jacket.

There was a busy-ness to the looks that commanded attention to the smallest detail. Lace stockings were shown off under pink flared pants or silken pajama shorts, while sea monsters did battle on a suit print.

Michele embroidered random garments with the word "loved," which goes without saying for the bold new-generation Gucci dresser.

Taking in the show from the front row was American actor Jared Leto, wearing an embroidered silk bomber jacket and acid bleached jeans.


Giorgio Armani's imprint has always been on his collections, but for his Emporio Armani line, the designer made it even more explicit with a fingerprint motif.

The fingerprint recurs across the modular collection's urban looks: printed white on a black T-shirt, embroidered in golden thread onto a big travel bag and woven into a jacquard blazer.

For Armani, the collection is an exercise in identity.

The looks alternate from sleek and modern, such as athletic pants with a textured 3-D effect jacket, with a focused color palette of urban gray, black and blue to a more dandified mood with loose trousers with a diagonal button fly and trailing suspenders, topped with an off-skew brimmed hat. One bold combination featured red trousers worn with a bomber featuring a black-and-white swirling fingerprint close-up.

The collection is fitting of the street-wear mood permeating Milan this season. Jackets are soft, and optional, often carried and not worn, the expression of ease.

Armani described the collection as "a tense and sharp collection that stems from a reflection of today's meaning of identity."


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