With everything from statement furs to suede accent pieces, this year's fall fashion trends will be all about textures, ankle boots, skinny jeans, and to add a little comfort to your wardrobe...leggings.

With everything from statement furs to suede accent pieces, this year's fall fashion trends will be all about textures, ankle boots, skinny jeans, and to add a little comfort to your wardrobe...leggings.

According to Elle Magazine, they are expecting velvet to be a staple in every woman's wardrobe, along with accents of fur and leather.

For everything from belts to dresses, they are considering this texture trend to be at the top of this year's fall fashion list.

Local stores across the area are experimenting with these trends in hopes of keeping the community fashion-forward at an affordable price.

If you've seen a cute little trailer driving around town, it's probably the mobile-boutique Peyton and Peppy owned by Stephanie Langlois.

The boutique is able to park wherever and whenever for their customers to come and shop for some of this season's popular clothing pieces.

"We have prepped the store with a lot of off-the-shoulder and cold shoulder tops, a lot of colors like mocha and spice," said Langlois. "We have a lot of plaids and boyfriend cardigans, and we are carrying these lace trim tops which are great for transitioning from season to season for any wardrobe. We are seeing denim as a big trend this fall as well, paired with tunics."

The traveling shop's favorite looks for fall consist of dresses, tunics paired with cardigans and ankle boots.

The boutique can be found at festivals and events like Marietta's Merchants and Artist Walk.

Other fall trends are focusing on comfort while still remaining cute and trendy, which is one of LuLaRoe's main goal.

LuLaRoe is a clothing company that sells comfortable, affordable, stylish clothing and offers its consultants the independence to set their own pace and schedule.

Parkersburg LuLaRoe Fashion Consultants Cienna Van Dyke and Raemy Conley are often sporting their merchandise, and are now more excited than ever to start wearing and selling LuLaRoes' fall fashion trends.

"As the excitement of a new season approaches, it's equally exciting to start thinking about the change of your wardrobe. Who doesn't love looking forward to leggings, a baggy sweater and some rider boots," said Conley.

The LuLaRoe team is especially looking forward to layering clothing pieces this season.

"We love to layer our shirts with cardigans, scarves and kimonos. Our LuLaRoe leggings always give the look a unique twist too," said Van Dyke.

The sister duo joined the LuLaRoe team earlier this year, and said they are having a good time experimenting with clothes and season fashion trends.

"We never considered ourselves to be extremely fashionable people, but since being connected with LuLaRoe, style has never been so easy," said Conley. "LuLaRoe makes shopping fun and simple for people of all types. It's pretty hard to not have a great fashion sense with these simply comfortable and cute clothes."

LuLaRoe can be purchased through Conley and Van Dyke's LuLaRoe Facebook page and Instagram.

The team is always hosting pop-up shops in different locations around the local area that are completely open to the public, which are always announced through their social media pages.

Meanwhile, Teri Ann's is also falling into the new season with the popular fall fashion trends while experimenting with all textures including furs, leather and suede.

"There are a lot of textures this season with furs, fur trims and we have furs that are faux and real," said Teri Ann Pfeffer, owner of the clothing store on Front Street. "There is also a lot of suede and leather this season."

Pfeffer said they are expecting to sell a lot skinny-legged pants this season that are ankle length, and can be paired with their wide selection of fashion forward booties.

"I think that look with a slightly over sized tunic and ankle pant paired with ankle bootie, it makes a very smart look, and that bootie is very important this season," said Pfeffer.

This fall, Pfeffer said she wants her customers to adapt the new fall fashion trends to their lifestyle, while providing them trendy, current look.