Watters' springn 2015 line includes three unique collections.

Watters presented its spring 2015 lines last week. Here's the rundown on what you'll find in the three collections, each inspired by the stylish woman seeking a gown are unique as she is.

Watters Oriental Pearl Collection

What to expect: graphic details, hand-crafted embroidery and fancy beadwork on modern silhouettes

Vatana Watters found inspiration for this Watters line at Dallas' Crow Collection of Asian Art. In particular, the Imperial Jewels exhibit influenced her desire to design gowns with complex beading, bold corsets, intricate patterns and layers of textured embellishments.

Wtoo Enchanted Garden collection

What to expect: floral motifs, tons of texture and graceful silhouettes

The great outdoors inspired Wtoo's line of perfect-for-spring gowns while staying true to the brand's traditional, elegant style. The line includes silk-taffeta skirts, sheer necklines and soft, flowy gowns featuring decorative lace appliques.

Love Marley Whimsical Forest collection

What to expect: woodland-inspired, totally romantic vibes and laid-back silhouettes

In addition to the Watters and Wtoo collections, the company launched Love Marley, created for nontraditional brides seeking whimsical-yet-relaxed looks. The gowns feature vintage laces, elegant beading and unexpected details, from dotted tulle to vintage-inspired corded lace.

In Central Ohio, La Jeune Mariee and Bridal and Formal on Main, located in London, carry Watters gowns.