The Dublin shop's service includes perks for the couple

Photos courtesy Chelsea Borough Home

Chelsea Borough Home, a home décor store in Dublin that opened last year, recently began offering a gift registry. With a selection of picture frames, wall art, furniture and more, the service is perfect for bridal showers or weddings. We chatted with co-owner Christena Wentz to learn about the registry and its offerings. For more information, visit

Give us the basics on the gift registry. How does it work?

We will have a consultation with the couple in person, and then we can help show them what we have on the floor and what we have planned for future floor dates. We will give them the cards that say "This couple is registered at Chelsea Borough Home" so they can be distributed to guests.

Any perks for couples who register?

When the couple registers, they get two mercury glass hearts. The other fun things-and this make us unique-they get a Chelsea Bonus every time someone spends more than $50 on items from their registry. It's a $5 card that they can use at Chelsea Borough Home, and it's good for the next three months. It's the gift that keeps giving. We want to make it easy for them. It's an incentive to come and shop us.

How far in advance do you recommend couples sign up?

They can make an appointment two weeks before they want to start publishing their registry so we have time to prep it. Because our items are in and out, we recommend doing it about two months out from the actual event. We ask that they tell us what items in general they are looking for and describe their own style. Then once we get new items in they hadn't seen, we can suggest the couple add the items to their registry.

–Heather Weekley, @heather_weekley