Columbus Bride editor Heather Weekley talks bridal trends, wedding memories and favorite reception songs

Heather Weekley has been with Dispatch Magazines since July 2011, and she is also assistant editor of Capital Style. Born and raised in Columbus, Heather lives in the Arena District and loves reading, a good flavored latte and leopard print. Although not married herself, Heather considers herself a professional bridesmaid.

Bridal trend you're loving?

Rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands. I love how the pinkish hue makes a statement! It's classic yet different at the same time.

Favorite season for a wedding?

Spring into early summer. It's warm enough to enjoy a cocktail hour outside (as long as the crazy Ohio weather doesn't interfere!) and wedding photos with blue skies and flowers in bloom are just gorgeous.

Best wedding-related memory?

At a summer wedding of a high school friend a few years back, I caught the bouquet at the reception (my first bouquet catch of two that summer!). Though it didn't result in an engagement, the bouquet matched the dress I wore (see above photo for proof)…so I still consider that a win. It's all about the fashion!

Biggest wedding faux pas a couple can make?

Sacrificing quality when trying to be non-traditional. It's awesome to think outside the box, but make sure that the quality of your food, décor, personalized touches, etc. are up to par. Guests will remember what was done well and what fell through the cracks.

Best gift to give the bride and groom?

I really try to find something that speaks to me on the registry-something that I feel is meaningful coming from me and not just another random kitchen gadget that fits the budget. So when in doubt, I like to grab a gift card to the store(s) the couple registered. It's guaranteed that they won't get everything on their list, and this allows them to put the money toward those other items they might not have received at the shower or wedding. Oftentimes, stores give discounts to the couple when they purchase the leftover items from the registry, so a gift card can end up going a long way!

Favorite reception song to groove to?

I'm a big proponent of "Cotton-Eyed Joe." I know the dance sequence to the song, and I'm not afraid to get out there on the dance floor! At one friend's wedding, it was oddly rewarding when I taught most of the guests the dance as the DJ played the song. So fun. And I can't help but mention Toto's "Africa"…totally random, but I get really excited about that one!

Best place for bridal inspiration?

Since I work in magazines I might practice a little bias, but there's nothing better than flipping through a glossy bridal magazine. My mom found her wedding dress back in the 80s from a bridal magazine – it was on the cover. She still has that cover saved to this day! So you just can't beat the good old magazines.