Learn more about Scarlett Kilzer's intricate wedding cakes

Scarlett Kilzer started her own cupcake business in 2009, but it just wasn't fulfilling her need to express her artistic abilities. So instead, she decided to open a cake studio, Miam Cake, creating beautiful and intricately designed cakes for weddings and events. "If you're looking for something that is more of an art piece versus a cake, that's what sets me apart," Kilzer says. "I focus a lot on sugar flowers. I call them porcelain sugar flowers because they are so detailed."

When couples are interested in Kilzer's cakes, she'll set up a meeting with them to determine who they are as people, what they like and what kind of wedding they're having. And, in an effort to keep things original, she asks people not to bring inspiration photos. "I think that's really important for them as the couple and me as the designer," Kilzer explains. "It can stunt the creativity."

As for flavors, Kilzer has our mouths watering. "I really want the cake to be as sophisticated on the inside as it is on the outside," she says. Her offerings include pear cake with orange cardamom and blackberry buttercream, and banana cake with honey caramel and chocolate ganache. Fondant cakes begin at $10 per person, but pricing varies depending on the design.

Kilzer recommends contacting her at least six months in advance of your wedding, as she only takes on a couple of cakes a month because of the time-consuming designs. "I really strive on the quality," Kilzer says. "My eyes are drawn to asymmetry with detail. If people are drawn to that type of thing, it's exciting to work with them."

To see more of Kilzer's work or to contact her, visit MiamCake.com.

-Heather Weekley, @heather_weekley