Advice on balancing your dream wedding plans with family expectations

Wedding planning involves more than just picking colors and flowers-it also comes with its fair share of headaches. We asked a couple of local wedding planners to weigh in on one of the trickiest questions couples often face:

How do I balance what I want with what my mom wants?

"I'm a believer in a couple's wedding being about the couple and not about their parents, regardless of who is paying for the wedding. That said, it's a delicate balance including what your mom wants (especially if she is paying). Be ready to compromise on some things and let her win a few battles that don't really matter to you, and stand your ground on what's most important to you.If the disagreement is about who to invite, remind your parents that the largest expense in wedding planning is adding additional guests." -Jennifer Drew, Something to Remember Events

"The bride, especially if mom and dad are paying, should pick her battles. The parents will hopefully pick theirs as well. If it's personal to the bride, like her dress or the ceremony, that's what she should fight for. But if the parents want salmon rather than chicken at dinner, then maybe let that go. I recommend sitting down with your parents up front and having an open conversation. Say, 'Here's the vision, and here's what's important to us.' Then, it's important for the parents to listen and think about what's going to make them happy, keeping in mind some things are more personal to the bride." -Adrianne Mellen Ramstack, Adrianne Elizabeth Events


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