From their shop in Pickerington, Ritzy Rose is taking the bridal world by storm.

A bouquet you'll keep forever. No, we're not talking flower preservation. We're talking Ritzy Rose.

Started by husband-and-wife team Jason and Jen Diehl in 2010, Ritzy Rose is part glam, part whimsy and totally ingenious. The creative duo, inspired by their own DIY wedding, have made quite the name for themselves within the bridal world, shipping their vintage brooch bouquets across the globe to brides who are willing to spend more than a pretty penny for their unique creations.

"We did everything for our wedding … way too much, from me making my dress to Jason preparing the food the day before," says Jen, who has a background in design and worked for some of Columbus' retail giants (including Abercrombie & Fitch and Bath & Body Works) before quitting her day job to open up shop.

The Diehls-who also run Vintage Diehls, located adjacent to their recently opened brick-and-mortar Ritzy Rose shop-got their start in an interesting way: Ten months after they started the business online, country music star Miranda Lambert called. She was marrying Blake Shelton, and she needed a bouquet.

"At this point, we were still a young company," Jason says. "We had been selling bouquets pretty well, but after Miranda called, everything just blew up."

After Lambert walked down the aisle with a colorful, enamel brooch bouquet, the Diehls went from selling bouquets to fashion-forward brides in the United Kingdom and Australia to stateside brides who favor a bit of bling.

"While we had been focusing on the rest of the world, now we're working on finding out what Central Ohio brides like," Jason says. "We had one bride before, and now we have a different bride. The enamel look used to be huge. Now everyone wants the bling."

And bling they have. Walking into the Ritzy Rose shop is an experience in sparkle. Antique brooches fill the shelves, while sample bouquets-brightly colored, all-white, gold enameled-are displayed on the walls and in cases. You'll find other baubles and accessories, too, including headpieces, shoe clips and boutonnieres.

As for the bouquets, you can hunt down your own brooches-the Diehls suggest heading to Springfield for flea-market finds-or host a brooch bridal shower. Bring your finds to Jen, and she'll craft your wedding-day masterpiece. Don't want to hunt? That's fine, too. The Diehls are constantly on the lookout for vintage finds and have a workshop full of brooches. (This option, of course, comes with a higher price tag.)

"Pick the details that mean something to you, and let go of the details that don't mean anything to you," Jason says.

"We've always been about making our own traditions," Jen adds.