Columbus photographers share their wildest wedding shots.

"Underwater photos were definitely the craziest. Here I am in the middle of the pool with a lot of my gear underwater. [The couple was] taking the plunge for underwater portraits, and their save-the-date said, 'We're finally going to take the plunge!' "
–Hristina Panovska, Aperture Photography

"We've had some crazy wedding portraits. We had one wedding party that was really wild, and they had a competition to see who could take the craziest pictures. All of the guys dropped their pants, and they covered their bottoms with their cowboy hats, and the girls covered their tops with their bouquets. It was ridiculous."
–Hillary Ferguson, Hillary Ferguson Photography

"We shot at the state park in Cleveland a couple years back. It was one of those 'stay on the trail' kind of parks, and I was down at the bottom of this ravine-probably 15 feet up and very clearly past the rope marking where you should be. I would say sometimes it's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission."
–Garrett Martin, Martin Digital Photography

"At the end of an engagement session I did in the snow at Goodale Park, the couple had a snowball fight with each other. That was the best. Those were some of the funniest pictures I've taken, and it was photographically challenging to get snowballs in mid-air and the snow falling on them."
–Julie Linz, Julie Linz Photography

"The craziest shots are almost always taken out on the dance floor. But even shooting the guys hanging out while they're getting ready before the ceremony can be crazy. Whenever you have a bunch of guys hanging around together, there are always some really funny getting-ready shots."
–Lauren Ewart, Barefeet Studios