Kasey Skobel-Conyers of Bliss Wedding & Event Design responds to local brides' burning questions.

Kasey Skobel-Conyers of Bliss Wedding & Event Design responds to local brides' burning questions. Kasey Skobel-Conyers of responds to local brides' burning questions.

My matron of honor had to cancel due to the birth of her baby. Should I name someone else maid of honor or just go without? - Mariah Noelle

I think it's important for the bride to have a maid of honor or a matron of honor on the day of her wedding. Often, brides will have both! And I've also had weddings with two best men. You don't have to choose just one "best." If there are two people who are special to you, it's not wrong or inappropriate to ask two. Go ahead and ask someone else if you see fit.

I'm DIYing my flowers. How do I know if I'm using too many different types of blooms and/or colors? - Emma Frankart

If it looks a mess, you'll know! But seriously, we use multiple types of blooms, and I encourage that. Some arrangements will have five or six different flowers; it's just important that everything looks cohesive. A color wheel can come in really handy.

When you're having a nontraditional/off-beat wedding, how do you deal with guests' expectations of what a wedding should be? We are getting married on Halloween at The Vault, and our engagement pictures were themed "zombie apocalypse." But we don't want costumes. - Melanie Madrishin

The tone is typically set with the wedding invitation. Your save-the-date card and engagement pictures can be more fun, but your invitation and your wedding website should reflect the tone of what you want on your wedding day. I think you can be clear and say "No costumes," but you can also simply note "Cocktail attire" or "Black-tie attire invited."

What's the best order of events at the reception? - Carrie Holtvogt

It's not simply about the reception; your events order depends on the whole day. Sometimes it makes sense to cut the cake first thing upon entering the reception, and sometimes it makes sense to do it after dinner. It depends on so many factors, from catering to the location of your videographers. I love to get three to four songs-and the opportunity to dance-in between each dinner course, but there's not always time for that. There are too many factors to come up with the "best way." If I were to say there was one way to do things, it would be a complete lie.

How much alcohol should I purchase? Can I serve "cheap" alcohol? - Mariah Noelle

I'm assuming this means well liquor. I think it's important to purchase what you need for your group. If you can't afford to have beer, wine and liquor, then you don't need to. I always tell brides: Have the wedding you can afford. In an effort to avoid "cheapness," maybe choose to scale back on the bar and preserve the quality of what you're serving. I'd much rather see someone do that than offer cheap drinks-that's a recipe for a lot of drunk, sick people.