Europe offers trips of a lifetime, filled with centuries of culture, incredible food and big adventure.

Your honeymoon is a time to celebrate your new life together-in a big way! Europe offers trips of a lifetime, filled with centuries of culture, incredible food and big adventure. Here, we share three European cities you can count on for a fun, charming and romantic honeymoon.

Trip #1: Porto, Portugal

The climate is right for a laid-back honeymoon that is the perfect combination of relaxation, culture and, of course, great food. Quite possibly the most romantic honeymoon for food and wine lovers, Portugal is finally beginning to get the recognition it deserves as a food and wine haven, and honeymooners will have no trouble finding excellent local eats.

When to visit: The weather is warm year-round, but summer ensures the best temperatures and a dry climate. The best month is July for warmer weather than June but fewer crowds than August.

Must see sites:Travelers to Porto should take a walk through Old Town to get a feel for the antique city. Tour the Porto Cathedral, the Torre dos Clerigos tower and the stunning colored tile of the Sao Bento Railway Station. For those hoping for at least a day at the beach, beautiful Matosinhos beach is just a quick metro ride away. No matter what your itinerary, take a sip of some of Porto's famous, award-winning wines. Made in nearby Douro Valley, honeymooners can sample red and white wines as well as a namesake port.

Where to stay:Couples will love the Pestana Porto Carlton Hotel, in the heart of the historic core of Porto. The building itself is housed in parts of 16th, 17th and 18th century buildings and has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the hotel, it's easy to take in all of Porto's sights and activities, including the opportunity to take a cruise down the Douro River. The boat departs on the bank directly in front of the hotel.

Average cost:Depending on the time of year, rooms range from the classic room at $1,239 for seven nights, to the river view suite at $1,914 for seven nights. There, you can enjoy the impressive view over the Douro River, D. Luís Bridge and Port Wine cellars in your bathrobe and slippers.

Alternative:Taormina, Sicily, is heavy on history and culture, filled with incredible food and offers the ease of resort life-all with the reasonable prices of southern Italy.

Trip #2: Cappadocia, Turkey

Romantic and exotic Turkey is just right for those wanting something a bit more unique from their honeymoon experience. With a great Mediterranean climate, spa culture and unique cuisine, Turkey has all a honeymooner needs with a reasonable price tag.

When to visit: Turkey is best visited May through September, though July and August can be uncomfortably hot along the Mediterranean coasts. Further inland, towns like Cappadocia enjoy a semi-arid climate with warm summers and cool, dry winters, making the city a perfect retreat year-round.

Must see sites: Explore Cappadocia's moon-like landscape up close with a sunrise hike in the Rose Valley, Cappadocia's most beautiful hiking valley. After the sun comes up, you can tour the rock churches throughout the valley. Cappadocia is most famous for its fairy tale-esque rock towns and skies dotted with brightly colored hot air balloons. Take a romantic ride over the valley on a hot air balloon for a truly surreal experience. For those who would like a little more guidance, try booking a tour through Turkey Honeymoon Packages or add on Istanbul with their Istanbul and Cappadocia seven-day package.

Where to stay: For a truly unique experience, stay in a cave hotel such as the eco-friendly Museum Hotel. Cut out of the native rock, don't be fooled by the rustic theme; Museum Hotel is a luxury hotel complete with a swimming pool and spa, cooking classes, golf course and gardens. Each room is one-of-a-kind.

Average cost: Rooms range from $2,364 to $7,092 for seven nights.

Alternative: For those who still want something off the main European travel routes, head to the relaxed beaches of Dubrovnik, Croatia, or try a cruise along the Croatian coast.

Trip #3: The Lake District, Italy

Celebrate in luxury at Lake Como with great wine, high-class shopping and gorgeous views. The Lake District in Italy is filled with the vacation homes of the rich and famous-including Como's unofficial publicist George Clooney-and Como offers honeymooners a gorgeous backdrop for a romantic and extravagant vacation.

When to visit: The climate is temperate in northern Italy, so spring through early autumn has the best temperatures. Go in late May or June for warm springtime weather, gardens in full bloom and fewer crowds. Or, go later on in July if you plan on taking a swim in the lake.

Must see sites: Como is a great town to stay in while still exploring the area. Take a private boat tour with travel agents such as Select Italy to see the beautiful villages and elegant villas from the best viewpoint: the water. After, couples can easily explore towns around the lake such as Varenna or world-famous Bellagio, or take a day trip into fashionable Milan.

Where to stay: For "spectacular views, fine dining and a very attentive staff," Maria Meyer, Director of Wedding and Honeymoon Services for Select Italy, recommends the "divinely luxurious"CastaDiva Resort & Spa in nearby Blevio or the Hotel Villa Flori, just up the coast from Como. Hotel Villa Flori has its very own wedding tradition: It was originally a wedding gift to Giuseppe Garibaldi, a celebrated Italian politician and soldier who contributed to the unification of the country, from his bride's father. Ask for the Camera Garibaldi, the young couple's intended wedding chamber, which is now an elaborately decorated guestroom.

Average cost: Depending on what room you choose at the Hotel Villa Flori, seven nights can cost from $2,814 to $13,159 for the Gran Lago Suite directly on the lake. The CastaDiva Resort & Spa ranges from $4,840 for seven nights to well over $16,500 to rent private villas with varying levels of amenities, including personal pools and lake terraces.

Alternative: Zurich, Switzerland, offers a similar mountainous location with gorgeous views, a history of thermal spring spas and a wealth of activities. Take advantage of the beautiful landscape for hikes in the valleys in the summer, days on the slopes in the winter, and designer shopping year-round.