Laura Molter of Our CupCakery explains basic cake costs.

Your wedding cake: It's delicious, a work of art, and, let's be honest, one of the best parts of the night. But how much will it cost?

Some might be surprised to find out that cakes are typically priced by serving, meaning per slice of cake. If you're deciding how much cake you need, Laura Molter, wedding consultant at Our CupCakery, shares a good rule of thumb.

"If you're doing a tiered cake, anywhere from 80 percent to 100 percent of your final guest count is something people feel comfortable accounting for," Molter says. "It also depends on how many different flavors of cake you offer, and how and when the cake is served."

For example, Molter explains that if you cut the cake before dinner and offer several different options, guests are likely to sample more than one flavor and you'll need more cake. However, if you wait to cut the cake until after the meal, many guests are out on the dance floor and some may have already left the reception.

One cake option is the standard tiered cake-prices vary at different bakeries, but cost is around $4 per serving at Our CupCakery. Or, opt for a small cake for display and use sheet cakes cut behind the scenes to serve guests. Molter says these "kitchen cakes" are a little less money at $2.50 per serving.

"That's a lower price point for those larger weddings," Molter says.

Along with the cost per slice, there are other fees associated with wedding cakes. Intricate details, like sugar flowers, add up, and there's also the cake delivery charge.

If you're looking to save a little money, there's another option: A faux cake.

"We do have some faux cakes we can rent out to people," Molter says. "If you want a tiered cake, you can put a fresh tier on top to cut into [as bride and groom], and then have kitchen cakes cut in the back for guests. You're a little bit limited with design, but it still works."