Weddings industry expert Randy Fenoli will make an appearance at the Columbus Weddings Show in January 2016.

You know him from TLC's "Say Yes to the Dress" and "Randy to the Rescue," and now he's coming to Columbus: Randy Fenoli will make an appearance at the Columbus Weddings Show in January 2016. We chatted with Fenoli to learn the latest in trends, the best way to approach dress shopping and why weddings should be all about a couple's story.

What are the biggest bridal trends we'll see in 2016?

The trend in bridal today is really everything. If you want sleeves, you can get them. If you want sleeveless, you can go sleeveless. If you want strapless, you can get strapless. … There are so many gowns out there. It's overwhelming for a lot of brides, but what would help them would be to think about who they are and what kind of wedding they're having. Do they want something more relaxed or more glitzy? Does she want to be a princess? They need to follow their story and not follow the trends.

The trains are getting a little shorter, because girls are thinking about the reception more than the ceremony. A lot of gowns are getting sexier. … There may be a rebound from that eventually. Fashion is cyclical-everything comes in and out. What is a wedding? It's tradition. Everything about the wedding is tradition. It's families coming together. I prefer to keep it that way, because once you lose that, you lose the concept of a wedding.

What's out this year in terms of fashion?

Sleeves came in because everyone was asking for them. Kate Middleton had some influence on that with her wedding gown. Designers make gowns with sleeves, but the problem is you can't raise your arms in a dress with sleeves-it is so tight fitting. Girls want to throw their hands in the air and dance at the reception. They want to move around and interact with their guests. Designers are still making them with sleeves, but girls aren't buying as many. They may opt for a shrug or a bolero. With a shrug you can still raise your arms.

A bride is going dress shopping: How should she approach it and who should she bring with her?

I always say if you believe you're mature enough to get married and plan a wedding, you should be mature enough to handle a bridal appointment. It's not really the people you bring, necessarily. It's having a conversation before you get into the bridal salon that's the real key, with the people you bring. Say: "You're my guest today and I want you to know that I really care about you. Remember that this dress you're helping me choose is for me. … We're here to help me find a dress and this should be a fun experience." But if they all did that, we wouldn't have a show! [laughing]

What are your recommendations for budgets?

Every bride should have a budget, no matter what. You have to know how much you're spending on this wedding and how much you want to spend. You don't want to be borrowing money or be in debt after the honeymoon. You can have a beautiful wedding that doesn't cost a fortune. It's about prioritizing what's most important to you.

My whole presentation is about the bride and groom's story. That's how you find your dress. What will make you happiest? That's where the money should go. Maybe you don't want an expensive dress and you just want a great party. I think you can work within the budget to get the wedding you want. It doesn't have to take a lot of money-it's really about love and gathering loved ones together.

What are some ways a woman can inject her personal style into her wedding day look?

Once again, her story. How did she and her fiancé meet? Where did they meet? Where was your first romantic dinner? Where did he propose? What are your favorite colors? What's important to you? What are your hobbies? Do you love sports and want a sports-themed wedding? Do you go to the beach every weekend? It's following your story.

What's the benefit of visiting a bridal show like the Columbus Weddings Show?

It's very important because you'll have lots of vendors. It will open up your ideas to things you've never seen, thought about or heard of. People are doing weddings today that are unique and different and special. Plus, there's the fact that you'll get to meet the people you'll be working with at your wedding. You can develop a trust with those people and see if your personalities click. You'll be spending quite a few months planning your wedding and you want them to understand your vision and make sure your wedding comes out like you want it to be.