This one's for the guys: Learn how to look your best on the big day.

This one's for the guys: Learn how to look your best on the big day.

As the bride prepares for the beauty regimen of her big day, it's easy to forget the groom and his routine. A wedding is the perfect occasion to convince him to forgo his typical jaunt to Kwik Klips. Grooms: It's time to treat yourself-or your groomsmen-to experiences worthy of the modern gentleman. Here are some suggestions as you prepare for the most important day of your life.

Establish a grooming routine several weeks before the wedding. When it comes to trying new products, it's important to give skin and hair time to adjust (and time to get used to using them). Don't introduce new products that might cause skin irritation right before your special day.

Get a proper haircut. See the same barber or stylist twice before getting your wedding haircut. This gives them time to make adjustments for the perfect trim. Get the last cut a few days before the big event to give it time to settle in. Strive to enhance a normal look rather than experiment with extremes.

Have an old-school shave from a professional barber. Not only will you be smooth, but it's calming to be shaved with a straight razor (as good for your nerves as it is for your skin). A barber starts by applying a hot towel, cleanser and moisturizer. Proper skin prep helps avoid razor bumps. If you're bearded, a barber will shape it up and make it look its best, too.

Brighten your pearly whites. Be sure he schedules a teeth cleaning ahead of the nuptials. That smile is going to be staring back from your wedding photos for years to come, and you're going to want those ivories to pop. Consider a whitening system for an extra boost.

Get a manicure. This may be a tough sell and not something you'd opt for on your own. The photographer is going to take hand and ring photos, so you'll want your hands to look their best. Schedule one a month before the wedding and another the week of.

Book a massage. Chances are you're feeling the stress and tension of the wedding right along with your bride-to-be. There are several spots in Columbus with a masculine vibe that will make you feel right at home.