Tips on how to properly address your wedding invitations

Tips on how to properly address your wedding invitations

While the traditional approach for addressing an envelope to a married couple is to leave out the wife's name-i.e. Mr. and Mrs. Brad Pitt-go ahead and include the wife's name as you see fit. After all, we're pretty sure no one would leave out Angelina.

In a situation in which a married woman has kept her maiden name, address the invitation with the names listed alphabetically. The same goes for a couple who is living together but not married and for same-sex couples; however, if the latter couple is married, include their names on the same line, connected with an "and" or ampersand.

If you're inviting an older guest (a college student, perhaps) who lives with his or her parents, go ahead and address them a separate invitation; it's the polite thing to do.

Inviting the entire family? Include the kids' names on the inner envelope and the parents' names only on the outer envelope. When in doubt, always go with the more formal option for that outer envelope.

For guests with titles-doctor, captain and so on-make sure to include the formal title on the outer envelope.