When you're a bride-to-be, months of wedding planning can be stressful.

When you're a bride-to-be, months of wedding planning can be stressful. And while there are vendors who help keep track of details and your budget, the lengthy to-do list can still feel overwhelming.

Carving out a little "me" time at a spa before your wedding can go a long way toward helping you look and feel your best on the big day. It also can be a great way to round up your bridesmaids for some quality time or bachelorette party fun. Whether it's a special day designated for the week of the wedding or something you start a few months in advance, make pampering yourself a priority on your wedding day prep list.

Nurtur the Salon, an Aveda lifestyle salon and spa with locations in Upper Arlington, Grandview and the Brewery District, offers brides and bridal parties a variety of services to help them get wedding day-ready. The Upper Arlington and Brewery District locations provide spa services that include facial, body and hair treatments. Salon makeup coach and esthetician Hannah Shouvlin shares advice on how to make the most of your spa experience.

"It's nice to take advantage of any chance you have in preparing and making sure your face is as flawless as possible your day of," says Shouvlin. "Even if a bride thinks she's got great skin, the stress of the wedding can really take its toll." She recommends starting a facial maintenance plan about three months in advance to give your skin time to prepare.

One of Nurtur's most popular services with brides is a 60-minute facial treatment every four to six weeks leading up to the wedding. "Our facials are nice because you don't really have to pick from a menu. You just come in and we customize it to exactly what you need," says Shouvlin.

Starting with a foot soak and scrub to help you relax, Nurtur estheticians use that time to analyze your skin and talk about any issues you might be experiencing. Then they customize a facial treatment catered especially to your needs. Facials range from 30-minute sessions for $50 to 60-minute sessions for $80 and 90-minute sessions for $110.

A waxing plan also is something to consider early. Shouvlin advises that if you're getting waxed for the first time, allow some time between your treatment and your wedding "just so there are no surprise irritations or reactions." Nurtur offers a variety of services for facial- and body-hair removal, including a popular seasonal special: schedule a Brazilian wax and get an underarm wax for $20.

Other spa and salon services that brides may want to consider ahead of time are hair therapy treatments ($15-$60), a rejuvenating body massage ($70) or an exfoliating body wrap ($70).

When you want to make spa time a group affair with your bridesmaids, family and friends, Nurtur's spa locations can accommodate bridal parties, allowing groups to bring drinks and snacks to enjoy during their sessions.

Shouvlin says that one of her most memorable days at the salon was when a bridal party came in for manicures and pedicures, followed by a variety of other treatments. The bridal party brought in mimosas and enjoyed a whole afternoon of spa treatments. "It was great because they were all together in the nail room, but then they were able to customize what each girl really wanted to do," she says. "So while a few got facials, some got body treatments or a massage, and then everybody was able to get together at the end to get a blowout." When the bridal party left, they were ready for a night of dinner and drinks, she says.

Grooms and groomsmen don't have to miss out, either. "We have a lot of girls who are really experienced in men's hair cutting and barbering, so guys will often come in and get cleaned up," says Shouvlin. Maintenance trims the week before or the day of their wedding are popular, as is a men's center-line cleanup, which takes care of an unruly unibrow. Guys also can take advantage of 15-minute facials. "It gets their skin clean and fresh without them feeling out of their element," says Shouvlin.

When it comes to booking, Shouvlin suggests sooner is better. "It's important [for brides] to kind of be as on top of it as they can when it comes to knowing what date they want to get in," she says. Planning in advance will help ensure that the salon can accommodate the services you want to make the most of your spa visit.