Finding the perfect dress goes beyond the bride's attire.

Finding the perfect dress goes beyond the bride's attire.

Couples have so much to consider when planning their wedding. There is the venue, guest list, food and music, just to name a few. But one aspect of the wedding planning that couples are especially sensitive about is their bridal party attire, specifically the bridesmaids.

It's no secret that ladies have varying body types, with specific styles that complement them. Couples should do their best to ensure bridesmaids are comfortable-both physically and financially-while also honoring the aesthetic of their wedding.

Something for Everyone

One of the hottest trends in bridesmaid fashion of late has been the infinity dress, also called a convertible dress. Basically, it is a dress that can be worn several different ways so it is flattering to many different body types. Karen Gast, office manager and marketing coordinator for Wendy's Bridal in Dublin, says while the boutique still carries a few infinity dresses, it is definitely not as popular as in recent years. "They tend to be a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen, and we find that is deterring people," she says.

Gast adds that a lot of brides still "want their girls to be in different styles so they are comfortable." While wedding stylists understand this desire, it is easy for things to look disorganized without proper planning.

"Brides sometimes want to put 'maids in different colors to achieve a 'Pinterest' look. It can look like a hodgepodge if it's not the right combination," Gast says. She recommends keeping everyone in the same color and fabric by the same manufacturer, but switching dress style to achieve variation and desired comfort levels.

Heather DiMasi, co-owner of White of Dublin, says bridesmaids often are given a choice of several different necklines, such as a one-shoulder, a strapless sweetheart or a V-neck. The couple can stay true to their style goals for the wedding while also providing comfortable, affordable and (hopefully) re-wearable dress options for the bridal party.

DiMasi adds that a lot of couples are choosing color palettes with a variety of shades. "They might do a pastel palette with the same dress but varying hues, such as lilacs, dusty rose and pink."

Funky Flare

Gast mentions that an interesting trend for dresses this season is prints. Wendy's Bridal carries the Morilee by Madeline Gardner collection, which features sequined Aztec prints that provide texture to the gowns. Sequins are popular right now because couples want to create a glamorous vibe for their wedding, she explains.

White of Dublin also is seeing a lot of metallics and sequins in bridesmaid dresses, says DiMasi. "A lot of brides believe their 'maids will wear these dresses again, because this style can easily transfer to an awesome cocktail party or New Year's Eve."

DiMasi adds that floral prints have been popular in spring and summer. She says it is more common to see a maid or matron of honor in a floral print dress, while the other bridesmaids wear solid-colored dresses to complement the colors in the print dress. She adds that the back of the wedding dress has become a focal point in bridal fashion, and this trend is trickling down to bridesmaid dresses, too. Popular trends here include dresses with low backs, illusion fabrics and integrated jewelry.

Prep Work

DiMasi says it is smart to gather bridesmaids at least six to eight months before the wedding to start planning attire selections. It typically takes up to four months for the dresses to arrive, and you should always make sure your 'maids have time for alterations if needed.

It may seem daunting to try to both appease your entire bridal party and achieve your own wedding style, but with ample planning and creativity, you can make sure everyone's happy with their wedding-day wardrobes.