A wedding pro answers some common etiquette questions.

A wedding pro answers some common etiquette questions.

Weddings are steeped in custom and ritual; no matter how offbeat you want yours to be, you should still follow some basic rules and courtesies. We turned to Ashley Stephan of Ashley Stephan Weddings & Events for her take on some must-dos and must-avoids for your big day.-Emma Frankart Henterly

Do I need to provide transportation for guests to and from the reception?

While it is a nice gesture, it is not mandatory. Most guests have been to plenty of weddings and should know that not everyone provides transportation. However, here are some things to consider: If you have a crowd that enjoys their cocktails, transportation from the reception back to the hotel would be a nice offer if it fits within your budget. You can also arrange for cabs or Ubers to be in the area. If the majority of your guests are from out of town, I would recommend providing transportation, as many may not have a car or aren't familiar with the area.

How should we handle guests who don't send their RSVP?

People seem to think RSVPs have become more of an option than a deadline. I would designate your maid of honor or a person in your family to make phone calls to the guests who haven't RSVPed.

What should I do if someone adds their own plus-one to an RSVP when we didn't give them one?

Although it can be uncomfortable to make that phone call, it needs to be done. All weddings are different sizes and can only accommodate up to a certain amount of people. Not to mention you have a budget and are likely paying per head! So give your guest a call and let them know how excited you are they are attending, but that their invitation was only for them due to budget or capacity.

I was a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding last year. Do I have to ask her to be my bridesmaid now?

The short answer is no. You may have a different vision for your wedding by not having bridesmaids, or you're only including siblings or childhood friends. You can let her know that you're keeping it more intimate. If you're having a larger wedding party and not including her, you could still include her as a special part in your wedding and ask her to be a reader, pass out the programs or help with the guest book.

How do I let guests know that my wedding has a dress code?

I would hate for someone to show up to my barn wedding in a full tuxedo. The best way to include this is either having it on the bottom of the invitation or on the reception details insert card. The look of your invitation also sets the tone for the wedding. If it's more fancy and traditional, guests should know it's more formal than a rustic-looking invitation, which indicates a more casual event. If you have a wedding website, you can also direct guests there for more information, including attire. You don't want guests feeling uncomfortable by showing up under- or overdressed.

My fiance and I don't drink. Do we still need to serve alcohol at the wedding?

Your friends and family have come from all over to celebrate your special day with you, so it is nice to have some type of alcoholic beverage if it is an evening wedding. If you're worried about breaking the bank with alcohol, you can always limit what you have by just serving wine or beer. But if you're really against having alcohol at the wedding, then make sure to let your adult guests know by adding a simple note to your website to prevent an unexpected surprise. You can also substitute alcohol with a fun mocktail, sundae or smoothie bar.

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