Readers have been asking why we chose three covers this month. Here's the reason.

Just before we sent the March issue of Columbus Monthly to the printer, a representative from our circulation department stopped in the office to ask for suggestions on what people in customer service could tell readers if and when they called to ask why we chose to print three different cover images this month. I heard the same question a few times at the Home & Garden Show over the weekend.

The answer is simple: because it's fun. Magazines do this from time to time with special issues or when they have a few equally worthy images for the all-important cover. We had both reasons this time around. Tessa Berg took such beautiful portraits of the people featured in our cover story. And we didn't want to hang the entire story on just one person. Printing three images seemed like an aesthetically pleasing way to convey to readers the message of the cover story-that people who live in Columbus come from all over the world, and that diversity makes this city unlike any other.

Our idea even got a little love on the interwebs; the image was featured last week on Cover Junkie, a great website for anyone who loves to look at magazines.