Columbus Monthly's staff recommendations on what to read, watch or listen to around the web.

Columbus Monthly's staff recommendations on what to read, watch or listen to around the web.

Marie Kondo Will Change Your Life in New York magazine

Meet Marie Kondo, the charming author behind "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up," which we review in the March issue of Columbus Monthly, along with a how-to piece on de-cluttering. If this doesn't inspire you to do some spring cleaning and organizing, we don't know what will. -Emily Thompson

Exclusive: The Kanye West Interview on

The most important person on the planet gives one of the best interviews of his life. Witness the fleshing out of cut and dry, salt of the earth, fatherhood family man, benefactor Kanye. This is a very exciting time. -Tristan Eden

Restaurant Review: Kao Soy in Red Hook, Brooklyn in The New York Times

Every Tuesday afternoon, I take 10 minutes and read Pete Wells' latest restaurant review for The New York Times. He covers eateries I may never visit, and cuisines (as a vegetarian) I may not enjoy, while still capturing my interest, week after week. (Here's an index of his reviews, sorted by date.) He cuts straight through the whole artisan-gastro apparatus and gets right to the point: Who's in the kitchen, what are they doing and why is it (or isn't it) a success. Usually, I learn something new, whether it be a new grape varietal or a time-tested cooking technique. -Anthony Dominic

Cops See It Differently, Part One and Two on This American Life

2014 saw a startling number of incidents involving police and unarmed black men, from Eric Garner to Michael Brown to Tamir Rice. The weekly podcast This American Life takes a look at racial tensions between officers and the communities they patrol in these two gripping, significant shows. -Taylor Starek

Reclaiming Puerto Rico's Food Paradise in The New York Times

Puerto Rico's food is more Americanized than you may realize. A great look at how chefs, farmers and activists on this soil-rich island are turning back to the land to source food.-Beth Stallings

Outfits Aren't the Biggest Problem With Sorority Recruitment in The Atlantic

In light of harshly criticized emails leaked from a University of Southern California sorority that outline attire guidelines during recruitment, writer Katie Buenneke makes a poignant case for why there are bigger issues to worry about (and plenty of non-issues) when it comes to Greek life.-Beth Stallings