The 18-year-old is making a name for himself among local carpenters

Though he's only 18, Tyler Slagle is already making a name for himself among local carpenters. After discovering his passion for the trade while taking a freshman woodworking class, the budding entrepreneur started Handcrafting Ohio in Sunbury in 2014 designing and creating custom furniture. He recently completed work for his first major client, Copious, the live music venue and restaurant located in the Brewery District. Reusing original materials from their building, Slagle built new tables and other pieces for the environmentally conscious restaurant. We caught up with Slagle to talk about his experiences as a business owner.

(Custom table a Copious. Photo Credit Tyler Slagle)

What type of pieces do you make?

I make mostly rustic pieces made from reclaimed woodfound right here in Ohio. I make anything from rustic picture frames to restaurant table tops.

What is it like being a young entrepreneur?

Starting a business at 17 was a really tough because a lot of people saw me as just that-a 17-year-old kid. But once they saw my work, they could see my passion. Now that I have a portfolio built up, I can assure them that I have more experience than it looks.

How did the relationship with Copious start?

My relationship started when Terry Turner (Copious' president) somehow got my card from someone at the Sunbury farmers market. He gave me a call and asked if I would be up for the job.

What pieces have you made for them?

I made all of the table tops, paneling for behind the bar area, a 16-foot conference table and all of the cheese boards.

What has working with Copious been like?

Working with Copious has opened a lot of doors for me and my business; I couldn't ask for a better group of people to start my business with.

Are you working with any other businesses around the area?

I have started working with KP Design and Associates, an interior design company doing interior decor pieces. Yet another great group of people that I have found within my work. Their great hospitality and patience has helped me grow with my business as well.

What is next for Handcrafting Ohio?

In the future I hope to see many more great projects. I would like to keep expanding my business into different fields of design, possibly with other materials such as metal and stone. I look forward to having a place where people with a vision can come and find exactly the piece they are looking for.