State auditor by day, blues-rock musician by night.

Courtesy Ohio Auditor of State

Folks who remember Dave Yost's 2014 campaign ad, titled "Music to My Ears," already know that our state auditor is a man of many talents. This year, he's putting his musical skills to the test during the Republican National Convention, when his as-yet unnamed band will perform at Cleveland Grays Armory Museum. Yost turned to Facebooklast week for help with the group's moniker; we turned to him for a few more answers.

Your campaign ad in 2014 said you play guitar, piano and bass. When did you get started in music?

I've loved music since I was a little kid, when my mom played piano. I started out on trumpet playing jazz rock in high school, and picked up guitar, piano and bass along the way.

Tell us about this new band. How did a farmer, a CEO, a scientist, a master carpenter and a politician get together to play music? (And who are these folks, anyway?)

Jeff Dickinson is the resident farmer for the Stratford Ecological Center in Delaware, and we met through our wives, who worked together. He plays keys and a mean blues harp.

Nick Akins is the CEO of AEP and plays drums. I met him through a mutual friend, and we have jammed several times over the years.

Mark Kotur retired from Battelle, and I'm not allowed to know what he worked on. I met him through Jeff Dickinson, and he is our lead guitar player.

Mike Kincaid can calculate the rise and run of the spiral staircase in his head and makes fabulously high-end custom furniture and cabinetry that has been featured in the pages Columbus Monthly. He has been my best friend for 35 years and is our bass player.

As you can see, these poor souls were roped into this project by virtue of their misfortune in knowing me. I play guitar and a little keyboard in this band.

What kind of music does your band play?

We do rock/blues-rock covers, though we will have at least one original for the crowd.

Who are your band's musical influences?

They are all loud, high-energy and fun. (Not enough fun to get arrested, though.) Think U2 and the Black Keys, running back to Wilson Pickett and the Beatles.

What made you decide to play Grays Armory during the RNC?

They were willing to have us.

Is this a one-time thing, or do you plan to continue with the band after the RNC ends?

Reply hazy, try again.

Any frontrunners among the possible band names you posted to your Facebook page?

The biggest surprise was the popularity of the unpropitiously acronymed Grand Old Band. Smashing Trumpkins got a lot of attention. My early money would be on The Pursuit.