The former Ohio governor will be laid to rest today.

One of the giants of the Ohio Republican Party, George Voinovich was known as a man of character and compassion who rose above party politics during his 43 years as a public servant, holding office as a U.S. senator, governor of Ohio and mayor of Cleveland. He died June 12 at his home in Collinwood. He was 79.

Today we look back at our story, "God and the governor," from the December 1996 issue of Columbus Monthly, in which former staffer Dan Williamson investigates the role that Voinovich's deep-seated Catholic faith played in his life, both inside and outside the political arena.

"I grew up believing that religion was a kind of private matter, and I felt awkward talking about my faith and the role the Lord has played in my life," Voinovich told a prayer breakfast audience in 1996, as quoted in the story. "I was a little suspicious of public officials who wore their religion on their sleeve, and I was also concerned that if I held myself out as a follower of Jesus Christ that I would fall and perhaps scandalize our Christian faith. I now realize from reading the Bible that Christ expects and commands us to be apostles and to give witness. Without my personal acceptance of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in my life, I could not keep going."

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