"My vampires are funny," says author Christopher Moore, referring to the differences between his bloodsucking protagonists and others biting at the pop culture scene. "And they don't sparkle."

Known for such humorous tales as Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal, Moore will be in town April 1 at the Columbus Performing Arts Center (549 Franklin Ave.) at 7:30 pm, presented by Thurber House.

He will read from his new book Bite Me: A Love Story, which will be released that same day. The story is a third in the series that began with Bloodsucking Friends, followed by You Suck. The trilogy follows the vampiric love of Jody and Tommy and their friend Abby Normal. Bite Me continues their story with "more hilarious hijinks mixed discreetly with violent, bloody death," Moore says. "Oh, and vampire cats."

Moore is familiar with Ohio. Born in Toledo, he was raised in Mansfield and attended college at the county's Ohio State branch. He visited a friend at main campus on the weekends, "so most of what I remember [of Columbus] was beer," he says. "Lots and lots of beer."

One of his OSU professors, he adds, was particularly helpful on his path to becoming a writer. "Sherry Deaver, who taught anthropology, was partially responsible for giving me the confidence to go out and do field research," he says, "which has been a big part of my writing career."

He says his various life experiences are all used as resources for character development in his novels. While one can assume Moore has not had run-ins with a vampire cat or bloodsucking lovers, he says this writing technique can be found in Bite Me. "You'll see The Animals, a crew of stock clerks in a grocery store, which is completely based on the guys I used to work night crew with when I was just out of high school," he says.

For tickets to his April 1 reading, go here.

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