Bethia Woolf, who's behind local food blogs Hungrywoolf , Alt Eats and Taco Trucks Columbus, has launched her latest endeavor. It's called Columbus Food Adventures, and it sounds like a fun opportunity to meet other foodies while enjoying some of the culinary treats Columbus has to offer.

Woolf's idea is to have several food tours a month. The average time is three hours, and tours being offered include a Short North walking tour, a taco truck tour and an "alt eats" tour of Cleveland Avenue.

"Columbus is a culinary destination. We have all of these things to show off and to talk about. We have a lot of diversity in our food scene," says Woolf, who adds she was inspired after hearing a friend talk about attending a food tour in New York City. "That planted a seed. I thought, 'We have a lot of great food in Columbus.' "

While I was talking with Woolf, I had to ask her thoughts on the recent episode of Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations." (Several disparaging comments were made about Columbus, including it being "Applebee's country" and just a general sense of surprise that there are actually good chefs in the Midwest.) "Every city has Applebees. It's not just Columbus. Why wouldn't they have someone local on that could talk more about Columbus? It was really exciting for us to be featured, but disappointing the way they played into stereotypes."

Although there are common stereotypes about the Midwest, Woolf is confident that Columbus is a food destination. "The promotion of independent restaurants here is admirable. It's exciting to see a lot of new restaurants, such as Skillet and Knead, as well as the addition of the cupcake and fusion cafe trucks and Japanese crepe cart. Columbus is embracing the street food trend. I think that's one of the things that is most exciting right now."

If you're interested in taking a tour with Woolf, visit the website here.

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