Flash mob

I was a little upset and annoyed at the mention of the "(Rehearsed) flash mob" or "so-called flash mob" in July's "Best of Columbus."

I'm certain every flash mob is well rehearsed before being performed. Therefore, it isn't necessary to make a mention of it in a way that sounds more like a backhanded comment rather than complimenting the recognition the event deserved.

In this case, I will just try to assume the shabby comment came from a jealous hater from up north that accidentally got by the editors.

Thanks for an otherwise wonderful publication.

Ron Short



In "Master gardener" in the July issue of Columbus Monthly Homes, the plants shown in the photo on page 30 are equisetum, also known as horse's hair, and not bamboo as the cutline stated.

In "To redo, or not" [Columbus Monthly Homes-August], designer David M. Berg's middle initial was wrong.