1. What former Ohio State football player was arrested for theft at an Indiana casino in early April?

A.Art Schlichter B.Mike Vrabel C.James Laurinaitis D.Maurice Clarett

2. What caught fire that caused a portion of Easton Town Center to be evacuated in early April?

A.A coffee maker at MoJoe Lounge B.An oven at California Pizza Kitchen C.A "Flaming Dr. Pepper" cocktail at Fado Irish Pub D.A popcorn popper at AMC Easton 30 theater

3. What team did the Columbus Crew defeat in the squad's first regular season win in early April?

A.Sporting Kansas City B.New York Red Bulls C.FC Dallas D.New England Revolution

4. What non-triple-A team are the Columbus Clippers playing in an early April exhibition game?

A.The Philadelphia Phillies B.The Yomiuri Giants (of Japan's Nippon league) C.The Ohio State Buckeyes D.The Columbus Blue Jackets

5. Monday, April 4 set a record for single-day precipitation in Central Ohio. The capital city received 1.64 inches of rain, breaking the record of April 4s in years past. The old record, of 1.22 inches, was set April 4 of what year?

A.1981 B.1912 C.1953 D.2008

Answers: 1: B; 2: D; 3: C; 4: C; 5: A