Super students

Thank you for the "Super students" story in the May issue and, in particular, the piece on our senior, Elizabeth Vaziri, whose extraordinary work on the Academy Boys documentary was worthy of its praise.

I would also like to commend Columbus Monthly for promoting the "good" of area high school students when often all we hear, see or read about is the bad. I'm sure each of the students profiled were modest in their self-assessment and could freely name others in their own high schools who were equally deserving. That, in and of itself, is reassuring that maybe the greatest generation is yet to come.


Dive bars

I've been in three of the places mentioned in "Best dive bars" in the May issue and your reporter is right in declaring Johnnie's Glenn Avenue Grill to be the best. Your reporter forgot to mention that Johnnie's has the coldest beer in town; Junior keeps the coolers set at 32 degrees and the longneck bottles often have little chunks of ice attached. Your reporter made only one mistake: I was the very young-looking man seated next to Fritz.

Bill Dunlap • GRANDVIEW


Am I the only one in Central Ohio who is in OSU football coach Jim Tressel's corner? It's pretty clear to me that OSU is trying to save face by letting Tressel take the fall ["Anatomy of a PR fumble"-April]. I firmly believe Tressel did inform the proper people at OSU, but it's easier for him to take the blame than to tarnish the university's name and reputation. Why should president Gordon Gee fire him and why should Tressel apologize? I believe he learned from his mistake in Youngstown and he's done nothing wrong this time.

Betty Sawich • WESTERVILLE


All I kept thinking while reading about the McGhee babies ["A miracle every day"-April] and how the mother believes that everything is in God's hands was "everything except the getting pregnant part, huh?" For that you took it out of God's hands. Everything after that is

in God's hands. We'll take responsibility for getting the babies on the planet (even though you said "no") and then, God, you can take it from there. I don't find it one bit miraculous.

Renee Weldy • COLUMBUS

Fan of Jory Farr

I must have read "Stories that carry a medicine" by Jory Farr in the March issue over 100 times. And each time brings on an emotional upsurge. It was so beautifully written. I have shared your article with other family members involved in our ancestor search and will keep your article safely tucked away in my records.

Mary Ellen Pollack • UPPER ARLINGTON

In "Best dive bars" in the May issue, T.T. Murph's and Johnnie's Glenn Avenue Grill were incorrectly identified as being in Whitehall and Grandview, respectively. They are located in Columbus.

In "A riff on Kasich's budget" in the May issue, a sentence should have read: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, $1 spent in 2001 had the same buying power as $1.27 in 2011.